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Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech ) is a private, independent, not for profit, Ph.D. - granting research university with programs in Engineering, Science, Architecture, Business, Law, Design, Human Sciences, and Applied Technology.

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Online and Distance Learning

Do you want to give your career the much needed boost or expand your horizons by adding to your knowledge and skills? It is now possible to leverage world class education to increase your knowledge base and give wings to your career by enrolling in the online courses offered by Illinois Institute of Technology – Illinois Tech at Chicago

Bringing the Chicago campus to you, the online programs are delivered via Black board, the learning management tool that gives you the freedom to learn at your pace and enjoy a truly global education.

Offering advanced technical courses in subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Cloud Computing, the rigorous coursework ensures that the online students have the same enriching experience as regular students at the Chicago campus.