How to Register for Examity

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How to Register for Examity




Examinations for all the India Online students shall be conducted using Online Electronic Proctoring option. Our online proctoring will be provided by Examity, a company that provides full online proctoring to colleges and universities. Please see the video link below to better understand how Examity works:

Before agreeing to use the Examity service, you should be aware of how the online proctoring option will work for our students:

  1. There is a fee for this service; full Level 3 proctoring by Examity, which we are requiring, is $14 for the first hour and $7 for any additional hours after 1 hour. This fee will be paid by the University
  2.  You will be required to set up a profile with Examity (you can do this by clicking on the “Examity” link in the left-hand menu of your course’s Blackboard page).
  3. You will be required to set up exam times with Examity for the exam date mentioned by me (most likely the exam will be held around 12 PM). This will need to be done in a timely manner.
  4. Ideally instructors would submit exams through Blackboard, and while some instructors may opt to do so, most of the exams will be in the form of a pdf provided to Examity directly, which means the process will be slightly different from what you may see in the video. Under our requirements, the process would look more like this:

a.     Examity would send you a pdf of the exam

b.     You would view the exam pdf on your monitor and answer questions on blank paper (under their supervision)

c.      Take the exam under Level 3 monitoring conditions

d.     Upload the exam to an exam submission assignment in Blackboard proctor via scanner or jpeg images from your phone

e.     Destroy the paper copy of the exam, once the proctor confirms receipt of the e-copy of the completed exam

5.                   This process would require you to have access to:

a.     A computer that meets Examity requirements

b.     A webcam or internal laptop camera

c.      An internal or external microphone

d.     Reliable internet service

e.     A scanner or mobile phone


I will include a link to the Examity website, so you can review any of the FAQs or other information you might find helpful:

I realize there is a lot of information to digest, and that you may have some reservations regarding using Examity for exams. Please contact at and, if you have direct questions about the process.