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Power Engineering

This program provides power engineers with a solid foundation in the design and analysis of large-scale power systems and state-of-the-art power conversion systems, including power systems control, power electronics, motor drives, design of fault-tolerant systems, power markets, and fundamentals of power system operation and planning.

Required courses

Choose one of the following courses

ECE 411 Power Electronics
ECE 412 Electric Motor Drives
ECE 419 Power Systems Analysis
ECE 420 Analytical Methods in Power Systems

Elective courses

Choose three from the following courses

ECE 540 Reliability Theory and System Implementation
ECE 550 Power Electronic Dynamics and Control
ECE 551 Advanced Power Electronics
ECE 552 Adjustable Speed Drives
ECE 553 Power System Planning
ECE 554 Power Systems Relaying
ECE 555 Power Market Operations
ECE 557 Fault-Tolerant Power Systems
ECE 558 Power System Reliability
ECE 559 High-Voltage Power Transmission
ECE 560 Power Systems Dynamics and Stability
ECE 561 Deregulated Power Systems
ECE 562 Power System Transaction Management
ECE 563 Computational Intelligence in Engineering
ECE 564 Control and Operation of Electric Power Systems

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