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Computer Engineering

Graduates of this program gain proficiency in one of several areas, including VLSI design, computer networks, computer hardware and software design. A maximum of one 400-level course may be taken, including ECE 429 if selected as a required course.

Required courses

ECE 429 Introduction to VLSI Design (or)
ECE 529 Advanced VLSI Systems Design
ECE 585 Advanced Computer Architecture

Elective courses

Choose two from the following

ECE 441 Microcomputers
ECE 446 Advanced Logic Design
ECE 448 Mini/Micro Computer Programming
ECE 449 Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Simulation
ECE 485 Computer Organization and Design
ECE 541 Performance Evaluation of Computers and Communication Networks
ECE 545 Computer and Communication Networks
ECE 583 High Speed Computer Arithmetic
ECE 584 Advanced Switching Theory
ECE 586 Fault Detection in Digital Circuits
ECE 587 Hardware/Software Codesign
ECE 588 CAD Techniques for VLSI Design

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