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A diverse student body provides an environment where students can draw from each other’s unique experience to tackle problems that affect the world.

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MMAE has a long history of providing valuable Master's level education to engineers across a broad spectrum of topics. Our graduates leave IIT well prepared in their specific areas of focus. Nearly 2000 people have earned a Master of Engineering or Master of Science degree from MMAE.

These programs are designed to produce well-trained professionals and are aimed at broadening student potential, enhancing technical versatility and, in some instances, providing the opportunity for changes in career path. The Master of Engineering programs are course-only, professionally oriented degree programs and require a minimum of 30 credit hours. There is no thesis or comprehensive examination requirement. The student, in consultation with an MMAE academic advisor, prepares a program of study that reflects individual needs and interests. The advisor, the department's Graduate Studies Committee, the Department Chair, and the Graduate College must approve this program.

See the MMAE section of the IIT Graduate Bulletin for details.

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